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Infinity Blossom Revolution, 2011

Percent for Art Project with CODA Architects for Foundation Housing Newcastle St, Northbridge

As one in a team of four artists I was commissioned by CODA Architects to create a public art work for a project developed by Foundation Housing on Newcastle Street in Northbridge, Western Australia. The work is located in the entrance of the building from Newcastle Street and will be suspended from the ceiling of the soffit, partially exposed through the perforated screen allowing it to be visible from the street.

The work consists of five geometric origami like shapes suspended from the soffit and constructed from perforated aluminum. This work is an extension of my studio practice which explores the nature of constructed space and how perceptions of our environment are built through utilizing architecture and fashion to investigate their shared theoretical and production strategies. Materials used evoke movement and changing mass in the structural support and shifting surface. Non-orientable surfaces orchestrate interplay of architectonic forms which imply continuous expansion and protracted stillness.

Completion is scheduled for August 2011.

Photography courtesy the artist